From consults to workdays, design services and regular stewardship, Vivant Gardens is here to help you grow!

Your personal garden team

We design, source materials, install, consult and provide support and care along your way. 

Enhance your knowledge, build your dream garden, refresh your current space, or simply give it some TLC with our services below. 

Want to know where to start?

Easy! Every new project begins with a consultation.


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Just a Quick Question

30 minute consultation - $85.00

Have you hit a wall and need extra hands? Have an unidentified growing object? Seeking some quick advice about a plant’s needs or behavior? 

We all have a point where we need to ask for help. If you have a couple of quick questions or are looking to hire our crew for a one off project, this 30 minute consultation is perfect for you.

Pick the brain of Vivant’s owner and head gardener, Kasey Eaves. Ask her your pressing garden questions and gain insight into how to approach your growing space. Jot down all the notes you like. At the end of the meeting, Kasey will talk through how Vivant can help keep you on track, on budget and eco-friendly through the process! 

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I Need a Plan

1 hour consultations - $150

Are you a new homeowner getting to know your garden space? A DIY-er who needs insight on your next project? A veggie grower who wants to maximize space? This 1 hour session is for you!

Show Kasey your growing space, share your goals and get experienced advice on how to tackle your garden step by step.

Kasey likes to make friends so she’ll ask to see photos of your work and cheer you on as you grow.

We take on design work (drawing out planting plans in detail) on a case by case basis with additional fees. For a quote of this service, please contact us. 

After your consultation, we can talk about more ways Vivant can help your garden grow!

Get over here & help me!

Just One day
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Sometimes even the best of gardens can bury you. If your garden needs a quick rescue and a helping hand this one off appointment is for you!

A two person team will help you tackle those daunting garden to dos.

Relax while we weed, prune (shrubs up to 12 ft), plant, divide perennials, apply mulch or compost, and provide a general plant health assessment.

Prices starting at $600.

Can we keep you?

Ongoing Care
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Need help staying on top of seasonal care? Our team of Ecological Garden Stewards will rejuvenate your personal paradise.

Each visit we tackle the unfinished tasks, assess your garden’s future needs, and help you create and maintain an eco-friendly retreat that doesn’t bust your wallet or your blood vessels!

Choose from the following garden care options:

  • Once a month visits
  • Twice a month visits
  • Seasonal visits every six weeks (Spring through Mid-Fall)

Custom Collaboration

Garden Stewardship
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Are you a landscape architect, garden designer, public institution, or other industry professional in need of help? Reach Out!

We currently provide ecological stewardship to Millennium Park and Chicago History Museum among other projects.

Reach out to see how we can work together!

Organic growth takes time. Vivant is still growing!

We are not your average “Mow and Blow”. Our small but mighty team does not use gas-powered machinery or a fleet of trucks. Edges and sidewalks will be hand-swept with good old fashioned brooms and elbow grease.

We specialize in dense perennials plantings and/or edible landscaping. If you are seeking services like lawn maintenance or tall tree pruning, we can happily refer to you other local companies that specialize in these areas. 

At this time, we are only able to offer in person consults and ongoing garden care to the surrounding Chicago neighborhoods. If you fall outside this service area, take heart! There may be other ways we can help virtually. We encourage you to reach out. 

Still not sure what you need?