No Amount of Internet Knowledge can replace the value of Personalized Garden Advice.

Have you taken to scrolling youtube videos or stalking garden center employees for garden inspiration?

Are the best images of your garden on your Pinterest board?

Do you value gardens as a whole but feel inadequate or defeated by your own?

Maybe you’ve even contacted other companies and been told they will only come for estimates or for projects over a certain dollar amount?

Are You Willing To Do The Work Yourself And Just Need That Advice?

Rest Assured, You are in the right place.

girl smiling and gardening


Our consultations have been popular for first time gardeners and DIYers alike. We’ve shown clients how to prune their plants, which plants can be divided and how, what areas of the garden they should tackle first and oh…..what’s this plant again? Is it a weed or not?

Custom Coaching for your Growing Space can end up saving you hundreds in wishful garden center purchases and help you know when it’s best to tackle certain projects for their longest effect.

We offer one off consultations in two packages below. Take a look and book the best fit for your space today!


It’s time to love your garden.

Still trying to figure out how we can help you? Still not sure what you need?

A great place to start is to sign up for our free workshop, Secrets of Gardens that Work.