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Cultivating Sustainable Chicago Gardens Since 2016 

Dedicated, honest, eco-friendly, practicable and affordable.

Our Philosophy

Vivant believes that by helping others care for their own spaces, we in turn cultivate a better world. 

We aim to grow more gardeners and wildlife corridors through personal garden coaching, helpful workdays and stewardship with a focus on native plants and sustainable care practices.


Over the years, we’ve planted thousands of native plants throughout Chicago and for good reason. Native plants not only serve as food and habitat for wildlife, they maintain healthy soil as their root systems are deep and keep soil from being compacted. Those deep roots also store carbon and assist in managing rainwater runoff.  

Fall leaves in a garden

We combine this planting approach with nature-inspired and low maintenance gardening in mind. Our garden practices include:

  • Chop and drop trimming 
  • Natural soil amendments
  • Hand weeding 
  • Incorporation of native plants
  • Design/ build of organic edible food gardens
  • Installing lawn alternatives
  • Prioritizing ecological care techniques over chemicals
    • We only use herbicides to spot treat the most invasive plants

With good stewardship, your garden’s needs should decrease overtime.

A team of friendly, passionate plant people.

The following qualities guide our gardeners in all their work:


We bring a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to you. Our crew is happy to answer your questions and share our skills so you can better enjoy your space.


We respect your space as any houseguest should – keeping tools and areas clean, and making sure every door is secure before leaving, so you can stay focused on the task at hand.


There is nowhere we would rather be than in the garden – which means we will be there, on time and ready to work.


If we find a problem, we’ll talk you through it. If we see a garden pest or disease spreading, we’ll let you know. When we don’t have the answer, we’ll tell you and help you find a solution.


We build healthy gardens using organic plant care, natural soil amendments, companion planting, beneficial insects, hand-weeding, and good old fashioned elbow grease.


We keep your needs in mind and aim to provide competitive pricing. We  repurpose plant materials when possible and source from reliable local vendors.

We love the work we do and the incredible clients we work with.

Gardens and Counting

Giving Back

Community gardens build stronger communities by making fresh produce accessible, offering opportunities to learn about sustainable practices, engaging youth, beautifying landscapes, promoting healthier lives and increasing the biodiversity of plants and animals. 

We prioritize giving to local community gardens by donating plants and unwanted tools and by offering fresh produce to local pantries. 

We’re here to help your garden grow!

Let’s talk about what Vivant Gardens can do for you.

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